advanced Muon Campus
in US and Europe contribution
1 January 2022 - 31 December 2025

About aMUSE

The aMUSE project coordinates the activities of about 80 researchers from twelve European research institutes and industries participating to the search for New Physics in the muon sector and to the design of a new generation muon accelerators in high-profile US laboratories (Fermilab, BNL, SLAC).
The project involves the two Fermilab Muon Campus Experiments:
  • Muon (g-2), aiming to shed light on the discrepancy on the anomalous magnetic momentum of the muon;
  • Mu2e, whose goal is to improve by four order of magnitudes the discover sensitivity for the not yet observed conversion of a muon to an electron.
aMUSE proposes also an ambitious extension of the activities already foreseen for the Muon Campus: an R&D program for innovative detectors for the Mu2e upgrade (Mu2e-II, with 10 times larger beam intensity) and the design of a new beamline for CLFV searches based on muon decays as an alternative to Mu2e-II.
aMUSE also constitutes a launch pad for a European-USA network for the development of muon beams for low (CLFV) and high (muon collider) energy frontiers.


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