Project coordinator

The Project Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of the aMUSE project and is the contact person with the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission.

  • S. Giovannella, INFN-LNF

Management support team

The management support team assists the project coordinator in financial and administration matters and in the development of the web site.

  • C. Conti (Project Assistant Manager)
  • S. Silvi (Administrative support)
  • S. Reda (Webmaster)

Management Board

The MB is responsible for the administrative activities and provides the means to operate the project efficiently. It is responsible for the revision and the authorization of the secondments, the organization of the general meetings, the monitoring of progress towards the completion of deliverables. Moreover, it has to guarantee the maximization of the knowledge sharing among the involved institutions, equal opportunity for all participants and the visibility of the project.

  • Gianluca Cavoto, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, IT
  • Monica Fasciani, Frascati Scienza, IT
  • Anna Ferrari, HZDR, DE
  • Martin Fertl, JGU, DE
  • Michele Gallinaro, LIP, PT
  • Guillaume Gautier, Saint Gobain, FR
  • Simona Giovannella (chair), INFN-LNF, IT
  • Alessadro Iovene, CAEN, IT
  • Donatella Lucchesi, University of Padova, IT
  • Angela Papa, PSI, CH
  • Michal Silarski, Jagiellonian University, PL
  • Dominik Stoeckinger, TU Dresden, DE
  • Graziano Venanzoni, INFN-Pisa, IT

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is responsible for the coordination of the network activities, the planning and supervision of the secondments, the monitoring of the progress of the scientific programme.

  • Giorgia Burzachechi (Frascati Scienza), WP5 Convener
  • Massimo Casarsa (INFN-Trieste) WP3 Co-Convener
  • Francesco Collamati (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), WP4 Co-Convener
  • Eleonora Diociaiuti (INFN-LNF), WP2 Co-Convener
  • Anna Ferrari (HZDR), WP6 Convener
  • Martin Fertl (JGU), WP1 Co-Convener
  • Michele Gallinaro (LIP), WP4 Convener
  • Simona Giovannella (INFN-LNF), WP7 Convener
  • Fabio Happacher (INFN-LNF), WP1 Co-Convener
  • Marco Incagli (INFN-Pisa), WP1 Convener
  • Donatella Lucchesi (University of Padova), WP3 Convener
  • Stefan Mueller (HZDR), WP2 Co-Convener
  • Angela Papa (PSI), WP3 Co-Convener
  • Francesco Renga (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), WP2 Convener
  • Michal Silarski (Jagiellonian University), WP6 Co-Convener
  • Dominik Stockinger (TU Dresden), WP1 Co-convener
  • Leila Zola (University of Padova), WP5 Co-Convener


The advisors cooperates with the Management Board to guarantee the maximization of the knowledge sharing among the involved institutions, equal opportunity for all participants and the visibility of the project.

  • Daniele Paesani (INFN) – Transfer of knowledge advisor
  • Reuven Rachamin (HZDR) – Impact advisor
  • Mia Tosi (UniPD) – Gender advisor
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